Driving social media adoption in the enterprise, IBM case study

By Delphine Remy-Boutang, WW Digital, Social Media Marketing Manager, IBM.

Reflecting on the global impact of social media and its role as a catalyst in driving cultural, political, economic and social change, this session will focus on Empowering Change through Collaboration. As the largest consumer of social technologies, IBM is a role model and case study for the transformation into a social business, on all fronts – technology, policy and practice, this presentation will showcase IBM own’s transformation into a social business. We’re past the time when many businesses still had to be convinced that social channels were something worth bothering about; we get it now, the will is there. What’s required is the strategic insight to give marketers the subtle techniques and approaches that can transform social media from a lip-service marketing add-on, to an effective, measurable cornerstone of a coordinated communications strategy.

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