Google’s vision for video story

As online video consumption increases, so to do the opportunities for online advertising and promotion. Today video advertising monetisation is more than just serving simple pre-roll ads, now it has become a source for powerful user engagement through social and mobile platforms.
And its no longer a story around simple impressions, but around user choice and the opportunities to work with publishers to deliver a better user experience for all.

Jerome Grateau
Media Platforms Director, South East Europe Middle East and Africa for Google

Jerome is responsible for Google’s publisher relationships across Southern and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa with a focus on DoubleClick’s platform, AdSense and Ad Exchange businesses. His objective is to provide publishers with the best monetization of their on-line and mobile inventory.
Jerome joined Google 5 years ago to develop the Adwords Reseller program cross EMEA before moving to his current responsibility. Before, Mr Grateau was Sales Director for AOL France and a management consultant at McKinsey & Company for 6 years, advising top management from the Media and Telecom industry.
Mr Grateau holds an MBA from the Collège des Ingénieurs and a M.Sc. from E.N.S.T., Paris.

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